Tokyo Marui G36C AEG review

Fireball Squadron

Every year since 1998 the "Squadron" has organised this unique and successful airsoft skirmish day. Based on the Vietnam conflict, the day provides a range of battle games that carry on throughout the day without a pause.

The American Forces and the Vietcong Army try, as best they can, to wear uniforms resembling those worn by either side during those war torn years. Americans in Olive or Tiger stripe the VC in Black.

The games are all designed to provide ongoing action, Good Morning Vietnam, Full Metal jacket, Rambo, Hamburger Hill, Bat 21 and Apocalypse Now are just a few of the exciting scenarios that players will experience.

Operational Commanders are appointed for each of the Armies and draft papers are sent to all players well in advance. Attacks, defences and general deployment of ground troops are planned by each team and then executed.

Running around shooting and shouting will not win the day. Strategy, tactics, as well as the desire to defeat the enemy are the essential ingredients for success.

Spectre Wargames are soon to open their new Urban Site.


Initial reviews are very good and there are a lot of improvements planned. We visited the site before it had really been developed and it was pretty impressive then.

Spectre are holding a weekend event in April which will involve both their Urban and Woodland sites which should be great fun!

The Night Games are an experience not to be missed and camping in the field or sharing the barn all add to the Spectre experience!

The staff are very friendly and the gameplay is the best around! The local pub grub is pretty decent and if you are lucky the female tug-of-war team will be in!

Spectre Wargames are located in Ewyas Harold and happens to be one of the Combat Central team's favourite skirmish sites, so we recommend that you check this out!

Other news:

  • Events Calendar Updated!
  • Airsoft replica of H&K; UMP due August.
  • U.S. Rifle M14 - Soon to be released
  • Icons for you to download.
  • Map/Locator Tool Launched!
  • Violent Crimes Reduction Bill
  • New Targets!